Fabric Acoustic Wall Panel Partition Kits for Corporate & Commercial Settings

Acoustic Fabric

Fabric wrapped wall panel partition kits will allow you to instantly create a productive, private & aesthetic work area for a few or hundreds of workers

We have a selection of standard modular office partitions and systems furniture. We also can have custom panels manufactured to your specifications including custom heights and widths on panels, custom finishes, colors and enamels.

The clear advantages of ANC acoustic fabric are it's simple easy, installation and ability to retrofit in virtually any existing commercial space as well as it is inexpensive. Where speech intelligibilty is critical, this fabric is an excellent choice for any conference room, classroom, commercial or office space.

Standard & Customizable Office Samples

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Benefits & Features

Standard and custom features are too long to list, but below are some of the most commonly seeked benefits and capabilities:

  • Floor-to-ceiling partitions
  • Wall-to-wall or pillar-to-pillar installations
  • Match panel heights and widths to existing reference points: window sills, file cabinets, or existing walls
  • "Reduced footprint" AXIS cluster units
  • Special electrical and data/communications requirements
  • "Rollscreen" EFFICIENCY WALL panels
  • Custom office furniture projects
  • Open Frame partitions for heat and air flow
  • Solid wood panels, worksurfaces, and cabinet fronts
  • Aluminum / Stainless / Lead / Textured metal panel skins
  • All stainless steel panel construction, with stainless steel honeycomb core for zero flammable
  • Panel pass through openings

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Installation & Electrical :Worried about installing electric and wiring?

Our partition kits come ready to use. Install with a few simple tools


  • Pre-wired for rapid assembly and simple setup
  • Electrical Base for simple electrical access

Construction & Durability.

The core of our partition kits are made up of rigid materials fashioned in honeycomb shape. This allows for both maximum noise absorption as well as making the panels structurally sound.

Our panels are wrapped in high quality fabrics that are made to stand up to high traffic areas and come in a variety of colors to fit into any existing color scheme.

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Sizes and Options.

We have a large selection of sizes in our standard panels. However our panels can be manufactured to any custom size requirements you may have.

Other features we have are portable/rolling panels (shown left). Ideal for offices that are temporary, or need to deal with changing scenarios.

Bring productivity and privacy back to your workplace and call us to discuss the variety of products we have.

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